First aid designed for QSR & Food industries

Clever First Aid® is the only smart first aid system in the world. It is specifically designed for QSR's.

At Clever First Aid®, we are first company in the world to measure real time events and the cost of first aid for QSR. Until Clever First Aid®, the cost and impact of first aid events in QSR has been hidden and difficult to understand, measure and address.

Did you know?

  • On average, every month, a typical fast food restaurant experiences several dozen first aid events.
  • Often in very busy restaurants, there can be upwards to 200 events every month.
  • Across a large chain of restaurants, the frequency of first aid events is every 10 minutes and the frequency of more serious events, every 36 hours.

Whilst most first aid events are minor in nature, every event represents harm and a potential loss of productivity and profit.


First aid events often ripple across a team causing disruption to workflows. This impact on productivity is more keenly felt in busy periods and it follows, that more events occur when the pressure on service delivery is the highest.


Clever First Aid® uses data science to analyse key first aid metrics. These metrics deliver powerful insights to owners and managers. For instance, we can predict with applied probabilities, the likely occurrence and type of first aid events in stores and recommend when extra training or awareness of risks is warranted. We allow stores to benchmark and compare first aid use and costs against other stores. We also provide company executives with a global oversight of first aid across the chain that includes the amplification of event hot spots that may require specific attention.


Our studies have demonstrated the actual financial impact of first aid events in busy QSR’s can be substantial. Our mission is to help QSR chains, stores and teams understand and measure this impact of first aid and then empower them with knowledge that assists in reducing the number events. By reducing events, less harm occurs, productivity increases, service and customer satisfaction improves, and profits are higher.