Smart First Aid System Clever First Aid

The Clever First Aid system consists of a smart first aid cabinet and cloud software. The system can be augmented with other smart devices that monitor AEDs, spill kits, and eye wash stations. These devices are constantly monitored.

Important notifications are sent to users, and replenishment is automated where required. We assist our customers in maintaining high levels of compliance, readiness, and safety.

The cabinet keeps a constant watch and records all incidents of what has been used.
We help you maintain your AED inspections and send you important automatic notifications
Measures and monitors spill and biohazard kit inventory.
Measure and automatically replenish eye wash bottles.
Clever First Aid can be integrated with your H&S platform to make your incident reporting more accurate and timely. We can integrate with most vendors.


The Clever First Aid System constantly measures and monitors all onboard first aid supplies and reports inventory levels to the Cloud. When a critical item is used, or inventory is low, replacement stock is shipped automatically. The system tracks the shipment and delivery, and records when the supplies are restocked in the cabinet. Where necessary, automated notifications are sent to users, guiding them through the replenishment process.

Clever First Aid in the Cloud

With a suite of beautiful software applications delivered over the web and through mobile, our customers can immediately determine their first aid readiness across their organization, and drill into hotspots of incidents and activity. The software is designed to do all the heavy lifting, working in the background, notifying users when necessary, and removing the burden of managing first aid cabinets. With Clever First Aid in the Cloud, customers can:

Set up and register other users  •  Set up specific text and email alerts  •  Subscribe for monthly reporting
Drill down into specific incidents  •  Access detailed analytics  •  Be informed of deliveries  •  Compare and benchmark use and events

Inspirational brands we are proud to serve

Air New Zealand
Pizza Hut
New World
Taco Bell
Golden State Food
Carls Jr
Restaurant Brands International

Inside the smart first aid cabinet

The Clever first aid cabinet contains a range of first aid items suitable for most workplaces and jurisdictions. To find out move, hover your mouse cursor over the contents to the right.

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Inside the Clever first aid
Saline Eye Wash Eye wash Eye and wound irrigation.
Eye Pads Eye pads Help protect and reduce the risk of infection.
Disposable Nitrile Gloves Gloves Considered the glove of choice for the food industry, medical use and protection.
Triangular Bandage Tri bandage This handy bange can be used as a pad to control bleeding. support for an injured arm, keep a dressing in place, or as a tourniquet.
Blue medical tape Tape Used to secure a bandage or dressing over a wound.
Crepe Bandages Crepe bandage Suitable for securing wound dressings, sprains or applying pressure.
Large Bloodstopper Blood stopper Large wound and trauma dressing.
Large Burn Dressing Burn gel This 10 x 10cm hydrogel burn dressing provides a simple and effective way of relieving pain and treating burns.
Non Adherent Dressing Dressing A 10cm x 10cm wound dressing, non stick.
Face Mask Face mask An aid for mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Camera Camera The camera automatically takes a picture of the user.
Small Bloodstopper Blood stopper small A sterile wound and trauma dressing.
Antiseptic Hand Cleaner Hand cleanser Sterile moist hand cleaning wipes for effective hand cleansing and disinfection.
Wound cleaning wipes Wound cleanser Aid in cleansing wounds.
Burn Sachets Burn gel small These quick and handy to use burn gel sachets cool, sooth and relieve the effects of minor burns.
Plasters (Bandages USA) Plasters For minor wounds or coverings.
Emergency Blanket Emergency blanket Helps prevent bodily heat loss.
Biohazard waste disposal bag Bio bag Used to for safe collection and disposal of biohazard waste.

Helps treat facial injuries
Scissors and Stainless Tweezers Scissors and tweezers
First aid guide First aid guide A useful guide to the products, uses and common first aid situations.

Responsible business owners value their people, brand and reputation. They desire the control, assurance and peace of mind that only a smart first aid system can provide.

Our customers love Clever First Aid for three main reasons


Assurance that the first aid cabinet is correctly stocked and ready 24/7.

Risk mitigation

Assists with reducing risk to people, brand and reputation.


On how the first aid cabinet is used in conjunction with comparative analytics.