Our Story

Our vision for a smart first aid system began with a workplace accident. When the first aid station was opened to treat the injury, the medical supplies were missing, causing further harm to the employee involved.

We realized that the traditional first aid service model we relied on was broken. Our supplier was using last century tools and systems that only offered a passing assurance and nod to regulatory compliance while exposing us as business owners to potential litigation and our people to unnecessary risks and harm. “Old School” first aid service models can’t track anything, measure anything, tell you anything.

It’s a broken system that we set out to fix!

We developed Clever First Aid, combining the world’s first smart first aid station with a range of complementary connected devices that address these acute safety and regulatory pain points.

As we enter a new era of connected devices, the opportunity to transform first aid care around the world by leveraging new business models, smart sensing technologies, data science and cloud applications is hugely exciting.

“Soon, we believe that the majority of first aid stations for larger enterprises will be smart first aid stations.”

Our Company and values


Risk mitigation


Our company is Australasian based with offices in Melbourne and Sydney and in Christchurch.

Although we are a private company, we have strong governance and operate in a similar manner to a public company.

We are customer centric and value integrity, honesty, and openness in our daily business activities.