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Founded 2013

We established InventoryTech in late 2013 for the purpose of improving safety in the workplace. The inspiration for Clever First Aid arose when we had an accident at work. We could not treat the victim correctly because the first aid supplies had been misappropriated. The circumstances were aggravating as the first aid kit had been checked as 100% ready a mere 24 hours prior to the incident!

We decided there had to be a better way to protect people and provide them with assurance that if first aid supplies are needed, they will be there all the time. Not some of the time, or none of the time as so frequently occurs with "old school" first aid!

Clever first aid - smart first aid stations

Clever First Aid Station Model A January 2014

We rapidly prototyped the Clever First Aid Station Model A placing it with a customer in early 2014. Our first approach to measuring onboard inventories worked well for a period, yet we experienced many inaccuracies rendering our initial efforts invalid. We assumed Clever First Aid would prove relatively easy to develop. This was not to be. What we discovered instead was that the accurate and consistent measurement of micro medical inventories in real time was incredibly challenging.

Clever first aid kit

Clever First Aid Station Model B 2015

With further experimentation, we developed an amazing algorithm we call "Clever Sense" which is also covered by one of our international patent filings. Clever Sense cleaned up the measurement data and we expanded our customer pilots and scaled further with a candidate Clever First Aid Model B. It all went well for a time yet ultimately, whilst we had enhanced measurement efficacy, the kits were still a long way from being perfected and many key technical challenges remained.

Inventory Sensing 2016

With seemingly no easy path ahead with the first aid station, we began experimenting widely with sensing and developed real time measurement systems for washrooms and general inventory. These applications leveraged Clever Sense and delivered fascinating results. For example, developed the means to accurately measure the real time consumption of toilet paper! Further, we developed inventory bins that were super accurate and could be used to measure medications and many other incredibly lightweight medical consumables.

Technically this was exciting progress however we discovered that as an independent IoT supplier, the associated business models for washrooms and inventory were not especially optimal.

Clever First Aid Station Model C 2017

Despite numerous setbacks and tens of thousands of lab and customer experiments, we persisted. During 2017 we developed the Clever First Aid Model C. The Model C was a great platform for learning and gave us the confidence to progress towards commercialization. We conducted a year of testing with customers before withdrawing the Model C. We then introduced to our customers the first production version of Clever First Aid, the Model D.

Clever first aid - Model C

Clever First Aid Station Model D 2018

Arising from the Model C, the Model D embodies years of learning, experimentation and testing. The Model D is a fully tested and certified commercial product that we are selling in Australia and New Zealand. It has numerous innovations and leverages a number of sensing technologies to accurately measure consumption in real time.

Complimenting the Model D development, we spent 3 years developing bespoke inventory management and event reporting software as well as a comprehensive mobile application. This involved dematerialising the "man in a van" service model. In tandem to all this development, we validated a strong business model, working around countless roadblocks to bring our amazing offering to the market. For larger companies, the future of first aid is smart and digital.

The analogue "Old School" first aid kit and associated servicing model will soon be a service of the past. Guaranteed!

Our mission is very clear and our customers love our smart approach to first aid!

Clever first aid

Clever First Aid Mobile App February 2019

In early 2019, we released our mobile application on the App store and Google Play. The Clever First Aid mobile app gathers data from all our installations, presenting clear, easy to understand performance metrics and event records. Notifications help our users stay informed wherever they are.

Clever first aid App - Single Kit Clever first aid App - Dashboard
Clever first aid Open
Saline Eye Wash Eye wash These 30ml ampules can be used for eye washing or flushing out wounds.
Eye Pads Eye pads Provided to help protect injured eyes from further injury and to aid the prevention of infection.
Disposable Nitrile Gloves Gloves Considered the glove of choice for the food industry, medical use and protection.
Triangular Bandage Tri bandage This handy bange can be used as a pad to control bleeding. support for an injured arm, keep a dressing in place, or as a tourniquet.
Blue medical tape Tape Used to secure a bandage or dressing over a wound.
Crepe Bandages Crepe bandage Handy bandages are suitable for use for applying pressure and supporting sprains and strains.
Large Bloodstopper Blood stopper The large bloodstopper provides a pressure pad for heavy bleeding, a protective dressing for superficial wounds and can be used as a temporary support dressing.
Large Burn Dressing Burn gel This 10 x 10cm hydrogel burn dressing provides a simple and effective way of relieving pain and treating burns.
Non Adherent Dressing Dressing This handy 10cm x 10cm non adherent dressing is for minor wounds and are constructed not to stick or adhere to the wound.
Face Mask Face mask An aid for mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Camera Camera The camera automatically takes a picture of the user.
Small Bloodstopper Blood stopper small This small bloodstopper provides a convenient sterile dressing and is useful for injuries to fingers and toes.
Antiseptic Hand Cleaner Hand cleanser Sterile moist hand cleaning wipes for effective hand cleansing and disinfection.
Wound cleaning wipes Wound cleanser Convenient and simple to use, the cleansing fluid consists of sterile saline solution.
Burn Sachets Burn gel small These quick and handy to use burn gel sachets cool, sooth and relieve the effects of minor burns.
Plasters Plasters Detectable or fabric plasters for treating or covering minor wounds.
Emergency Blanket Emergency blanket Used to reduce heat loss and protect a patient from trauma following an incident.
Biohazard waste disposal bag Bio bag Used to for safe collection and disposal of biohazard waste.

Scissors and Stainless Tweezers Scissors and tweezers
First aid guide First aid guide A useful guide to the products, uses and common first aid situations.