Experience the difference Clever First Aid

Responsible business owners value their people, brand and reputation. They desire the control, assurance and peace of mind that only a smart first aid system can provide.

  • We are the only company in the world offering a smart, connected, first aid system.
  • We monitor and report on consumption, costs and events in real time.
  • We help our customers gather insights and assist with optimizing their approach to first aid and workplace safety.
  • There is no upfront cost for our devices or supplies, they are owned by us. We charge for digital services and consumables when used.
  • We do not conduct maintenance inspections and site visits which can cost you time and money. Events and stock are viewed remotely.
  • No user limits for web and mobile applications.

Our customers love Clever First Aid for three main reasons


Assurance that the first aid station is correctly stocked and ready 24/7.

Risk mitigation

Assists with reducing risk to people, brand and reputation.


On how the first aid station is used in conjunction with comparative analytics.

Clever First Aid Old School
First Aid Kit
Technology Information
Clever first aid enables the delivery of data across multiple platforms and devices. The “old school” first aid station does not have this capability.
Digital Analogue
Android/iOS mobile application Information
The Clever first aid mobile application is available on Google Play and the Apple app store. This application only delivers data to registered authenticated users.
24/7 first aid monitoring Information
Clever first aid is a connected device and monitored over the internet. first aid data flows securely to our bespoke portal and is then communicated to our customers mobile devices.
Automated first aid restocking Information
Clever first aid will automatically reorder stock when inventory is low. Where possible, shipments are consolidated to save costs.
Theft mitigation Information
Old school first aid stations are exposed to theft or stock misappropriation. Our studies and real time measurements with real customers revealed that 35.3% of first aid stock was not used within the workplace, rather it was appropriated for domestic use. Clever first aid effectively reduced this misappropriation to negligible levels.
Real time cost Information
Real time costs for the consumption of first aid consumables is provided to customers and is available on the Clever first aid mobile application.
Stock assurance Information
Clever first aid always knows how much stock is present meaning the probability of a medical stock out is very low. This is a major flaw with “old school” first aid stations and service models. It is optimal to be always ready and prepared not maybe or sometimes ready.
Real time incident & stock event notifications Information
Events and notifications are provided by the Clever first aid mobile application. Events, notifications and alerts are delivered and sorted according to the potential seriousness of the incident.
Monthly reports Information
Clever first aid delivers automatic monthly reports to customers. These reports detail key first aid metrics, events and costs.
How to videos and guides Information
Video tutorials are available on the Clever first aid mobile applications. These videos include a general overview of Clever first aid, Installation and use of the mobile application. Guides on the correct use of first aid products and what to do in an emergency are also provided.
Learning capabilities Information
Clever first aid learns over time by analysing use patterns and event timing. This machine learning is then applied to projecting likely consumption trends which assists with supply chain optimisation and pricing. 

Clever first aid also predicts when and what incidents will most likely occur allowing managers and safety officers to consider preventative measures.
API integrations Information
Clever first aid plays nicely with other applications. For our larger customers we integrate our reporting with their ERP application.